Duplicati OAuth Handler

This service is intended for Duplicati users that want to use one of the following OAuth enabled providers:

Click the button for the provider you wish to log in with:

Google Drive (limited) login
Google Drive (full access) login
Google Cloud Storage login
Microsoft OneDrive (Live Connect API) login
Microsoft OneDrive (Microsoft Graph API) login
Microsoft SharePoint (Microsoft Graph API) login
Microsoft Office 365 Groups (Microsoft Graph API) login
HubiC login
Amazon Cloud Drive login
Box.com login
Dropbox login
Jottacloud login

If you have previously used the Google Docs backend for Duplicati, and want to continue the backup, you must use the full access button. Using the Google Drive (full access) button will grant access to all files in your Google Drive, where the Google Drive (limited) button will only grant access to the files created by Duplicati itself.

By using the OAuth login service for OneDrive you agree to the Microsoft Service Agreement and Microsoft Online Privacy Statement

Click here if you need to revoke a previously established authid

By using this service, you accept the privacy policy